The prestigious Festival of Málaga will close soon its call for entries

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公開済み: 15 Jan 2020


Last few weeks to send your short or feature film to the 23rd Festival de Málaga

The Festival de Málaga was born in 1998 and since then has maintained as its main goal the promotion of Spanish language film production, inviting each year different sectors of the film industry, generating forums, debates and meetings, paying tribute to great figures of the industry and becoming a showcase for the work of professionals in the audiovisual sector.

The Festival has established itself as a major cultural event with great public attendance and extensive coverage of national and international media.

December 15th is the final deadline for documentary feature films and short films, as January 15th is the deadline to submit fiction and animation feature films in the Official Section and Zona Zine. Do not miss this opportunity if your short film or your feature film is fictional, animated or documentary, Spanish or Ibero-American and has been made in 2019. In addition, the Málaga Festival will be awarding 44000 € in cash prizes.

Goya® Awards qualifying festival: Winners of the Silver Biznagas to the best fiction and documentary short films are automatically pre-selected for the Goya Awards from the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences of Spain.

Remember the deadline to submit documentary and short films is December, 15th, and the rest of feature films can be submitted until January, 15th. You can only submit your film through Festhome.



Submit your short film before January 8th to Semana de Cine de Medina del Campo

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公開済み: 15 Jan 2020


Start the year sending your short film to the 33 Semana de Cine de Medina del Campo, qualifier for the Goya® awards and 17,000 € in prizes

Our team wishes you a happy new year that brings many projects and great filmmaking!

We begin 2020 with the deadline on January 8th of the Semana de Cine de Medina del Campo (SECIME), seed of filmmakers and forging a growing industry. Medina del Campo has become a reference city within the Spanish short film map, gathering acclaimed directors with new ones starting their careers here. The City Council and all the institutions, national, regional and local, come together to celebrate the great festival of cinema: art and culture together to face the great challenges of the 21st century.

In its last edition, more than 3,000 short films from 80 countries were presented. Of these, only a hundred divided between the different competitive sections, fought for the desired Roeles trophies. Over the years SECIME has won the recognition for the quality of its selection, having the honor of debuting Goya awards-winning short films in recent years and even several short films premiered at this festival (as "Madre" by Rodrigo Sorogoyen) have been candidates for the Academy Awards®

SECIME is dedicated to short film in all its categories, digital and projects for future short films, in addition to supporting young filmmakers in the feature film contest and to international author cinema with cycles dedicated to the best winning films in the main festivals of the World, retrospectives of classic film, talks, exhibitions and video contest.

Goya® Awards qualifying festival for short films: The winner of the Special Jury Prize "Roel de Plata" will be eligible for the Goya® awards from the Spanish Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

In addition, Medina del Campo distributes more than 17,000 euros in prizes. Don't think about it anymore and send your short BEFORE JANUARY 8th!



Last few days to submit your film to Cartagena International Film Festival- FICCI!

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公開済み: 04 Dec 2019


60th anniversary edition of Cartagena International Film Festival- FICCI

Each month of March the Cartagena International Film Festival- FICCI takes place in Colombia, a festival specialised in Latin American films. Born in 1960, it is the oldest cinematic event in South America, and has had film stars such as Rita Hayworth, Jack Nicholson, Bernardo Bertolucci, Clive Owen and Roman Polanski as guests.

The festival, the selections of which were watched by more than 130.000 people in its last edition, includes initiatives such as Films in the Neighborhoods, which spreads the festival's art throughout the city. Among many relevant events, FICCI's programme offers a critics and film journalism workshop and another workshop that is fully dedicated to promoting and strengthening the production of Colombian documentary films.

In this edition, besides the India Catalina statuette, which is the festival's symbol, FICCI will give out some $125.000 in cash awards among the 10 competitive sections and the 4 work-in-progress (WIP) categories. The authors of all selected films will have access to screenings, appointments with sale agents, distributors and theatre owners, and will have press and co-producers available to them, along with all other advantages that come with being accommodated by FICCI.

Oscar® qualifying festival in the shorts and documentary feature films categories: Latin American short and documentary feature films selected for the festival will be part of a vote that will decide which ones of them will be pre-selected for the Annual Academy Awards® organised by the Hollywood Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Science.

Cartagena International Film Festival- FICCI's call for entries will be open exclusively in Festhome until next Wednesday, November 27th!.



Submit now your film to Oscar qualifying Cinequest Film & VR Festival, before November, 15th!

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公開済み: 15 Nov 2019


Oscar® qualifying Cinequest Film & VR Festival will close submissions next November, 15th

Now in its 30th year, Cinequest Film & Vr Festival has grown to become an audiences favorite, as proven in a vote amongst USA Today readers, who chose it as the best film festival they knew. Cinequest programs 85-90% of its festival from paid submissions annually, which makes it a truly and literally popular film festival.

Cinequest connects artists, innovators, media, and audiences—as people converge to experience a potent mix of immersive stories from around the globe and breakthrough technologies. Yet, Cinequest’s stellar reputation not only hinges on its knack for creating a powerful line-up, but also for securing distribution for many of its honored filmmakers. Netflix, IFC Films, Amazon, MSNBC Films, Oscilloscope, Sony Pictures, Magnolia Pictures, Kino-Lorber, eOne, Lionsgate, PBS, and HBO are just a few of the many that have signed deals with some of Cinequest's success stories.

Competitions in Cinequest are structured according to innovative models: instead of a more traditional separation in narrative types competitions, Cinequest welcomes television episodes and webisodes in short and long format, runs a Comedy feature competition, accepts films produced in high schools and colleges, and has a specific competition for music videos, among other unique choices made by the festival programming team.

OSCAR® QUALIFYING FESTIVAL: Cinequest Film & Vr Festival short film winners will be pre-selected for the Academy Award® in the short film categories, as organised by the Hollywood Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Science.

Do not miss your chance to be part of today's great film festivals, and submit your film to Cinequest Film & Vr Festival before November, 15th!



Glasgow Short Film Festival, BAFTA-qualifying festival. 4000€ in cash awards

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公開済み: 12 Nov 2019


Don't be left out and send your short film to the Glasgow Short Film Festival

Glasgow Short Film Festival, has grown steadily since 2008 to become the largest competitive short film festival in Scotland, meeting point for new and established Scottish and international filmmakers, industry delegates and the local audience. GSFF has earned an international reputation for quality curation, which is reflected in the increasing number of filmmakers, talent spotters and festival programmers who attend the festival each year from across Europe, North America and Asia.

Its programme celebrates diverse forms of cinematic expression, and focuses on disruptive, ground-breaking work that crosses through the boundaries of conventional narrative film. GSFF not only advocates the importance of short film in fostering future generations of filmmakers, but it also provides a perfect meeting-place where collaboration can begin.

GSFF’s core programme comprises international and Scottish competitions. Through a programme of learning and networking events, including panel discussions, workshops and one-to-one sessions, new talent is supported. GSFF curates unique special programmes on particular movements or filmmakers of international importance, and hosts parties and live performances throughout the festival week.

British Academy Film Awards-qualifying festival: Glasgow Short Film Festival is a BAFTA Awards qualifying festival for British short films.

Glasgow Short Film Festival also DISTRIBUTES 4000€ IN CASH AWARDS. Don’t miss out the chance and submit your short film before November, 12th!



Think about it no more and send your short film to Slamdance Film Festival now

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公開済み: 10 Oct 2019


Send your short film before October, 10th to Slamdance Film Festival: Oscar® qualifier with $25000 in cash awards

It all began when a group of cheerful, subversive filmmakers were rejected by the Sundance Film Festival. Unwilling to take “no” for an answer, they started their own event instead: the Slamdance Film Festival. 25 years later, Slamdance has become a year-round organization fostering the development of unique and innovative filmmakers. The organization now consists of the Film Festival, Screenplay Competition, and Slamdance Studios.

True to its mantra "By Filmmakers, For Filmmakers", Slamdance is a showcase for raw and innovative filmmaking. Filmmakers who first showed their work at the festival are now amongst the biggest names in the entertainment industry. Alumni who have shown their early short films and debut features at Slamdance include Rian Johnson (Star Wars: The Last Jedi), Ari Aster (Midsommar), Gina Prince-Bythewood (Love and Basketball), The Russo Brothers (Avengers: Endgame), Jon M. Chu (Locos, ricos y asiáticos), Lena Dunham (Girls), and Lynn Shelton (Sword of Trust).

Slamdance offers an intimate community experience in which audience members, filmmakers, festival programmers and industry professionals all mingle in the same hallways and sit side by side in screening rooms to discover the next generation of cinema talent.

Oscar® qualifier in the short film category: The winners of the Jury Awards for Narrative Short and Animation Short will be taken into consideration for the Hollywood Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Science's awards®.

Plus, Slamdance GIVES AWAY $25000 in prizes. Think about it no more and send your short film now!



Lebu International Film Festival: no entry fees and Oscar-qualifying, don't miss the opportunity!

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公開済み: 10 Oct 2019


Last days to submit your short film to Lebu International Film Festival

Since 1999 the Lebu International Film Festival contributes to culture and arts, enhancing training, education and audiences. Also, there is always room in its programming to encourage children to love film

Being one of the most important film festivals in Chile, it has spread abroad with sub-branches in Argentina, Spain, Cuba and Guatemala, keeping always the goal to offer Chilean and foreign filmmakers a window for dissemination, marketing, and distribution of short films.

The only Oscars® awards qualifying short film festival from Chile: The winning short films in the International Fiction, Regional Fiction and International Animation categories will be watched by the qualifying juries for the Academy Awards ®.

Submissions HAVE NO ENTRY FEES and can be made UNTIL OCTOBER 10th. Don't miss out on submitting your short film!



Only 5 days left to submit your film to FICA International Short Film Festival!

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公開済み: 15 Sep 2019


Send your short film to FICA International Short Film Festival before September, 15th

FICA International Short Film Festival will turn 31 years old this year, thus proving it is one of the most relevant film events in Spain. FICA is a festival conceived for the dissemination and enjoyment of short films which facilitate the creation of cooperation networks within the national and international indiustries.

Since its last edition, FICA has opened its screens to international films and included experimental films alongside fiction, animation and documentary ones. This year it will give out in excess of 10000 Euro in cash awards, and it will place a particular focus on meetings and encounters for film professionals as a form of cultural enrichment.

Goya® Awards qualifying festival: FICA International Short Film Festival! works with Spain's Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Science in the short listing of films for the Goya® Awards for best short films. The winner of the Best Spanish Short Film in the Official Section award will be pre-selected for the Goya® Awards.

FICA International Short Film Festival!'s final deadline is next September, 15th. If your short film is under 35 minutes in running length, regardless of its genre and format, don't hesitate to submit it!



$130.000 in prizes at the China International New Media Short Film Festival

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公開済み: 15 Sep 2019


$130.000 in prizes and no entry fee submissions until July 31st

The China International New Media Short Film Festival (CSFF) is currently the only nationally-recognized international short film festival in China and it is regarded as one of the top three international film and television cultural events in China.

Sponsored by the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television, and Shenzhen Municipal People's Government, the festival aims to encourage the creation of outstanding new media short films across the globe, to seek and support young film and television talents, to incubate high-quality film and television creative projects, to promote integrated development of Film & Television Industry, and New Media Industry and, last but not least, to foster cultural communication, exchange, and cooperation internationally.

After nine years of cultivation and development, the CSFF has blossomed as a film festival and achieved development as a national film and television cultural event and a platform for international cultural exchanges.

$130.000 in cash prizes!: Winners of the 10th CSFF KingBonn Awards will obtain supporting funds for the creation of their next works, trophies and certificates issued by the CSFF Organizing Committee, opportunities to have priority in signing contracts of projects in the CSFF Short Film Market and other resources.

NO ENTRY FEE SUBMISSIONS UNTIL JULY 31st, don’t miss the chance to submit your short film!



Gijon International Film Festival, one of the most prestigious festivals in the world

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公開済み: 13 Sep 2019


Gijon International Film Festival, Goya® and Oscar® qualifier, FIAPF recognised, gives out 68000 € in cash awards. Are you going to miss it?

Next September, 13th the call for entries for feature films (short films will be accepted until September, 20th) will close for the 57th Gijon International Film Festival (FICX), acknowledged as “Specialized Festival” by the FIAPF.

This Spanish festival includes in its programme some competitive and non competitive sections for feature and short films, for fiction, non fiction, animation, children and youth, documentary films, etc. It particularly focuses on the quality of modern day independent and auteur films, both from renown filmmakers and young talents, be it local or international. In its last edition the festival screened 180 films from 49 different countries, 30 of which were world premieres. Programmers from the main film events throughout the world atended the festival as well.

Oscar® and Goya® awards qualifier: An international jury of film and culture professionals will be in charge of choosing the winner of the “Principado de Asturias” award to the Best Short Film, which will then automatically qualify for consideration for the Oscar® awards organised by the Hollywood Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Science, and for the Goya® awards organised by Spain's Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Science.

The festival gives out in excess of 68000 € in cash awards in its different sections. Do not miss your chance and submit your film BEFORE SEPTEMBER, 13th (feature films) or SEPTEMBER, 20th (short films)!



Global DR Film Festival, the most important film event in the Dominican Republic

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公開済み: 01 Sep 2019


DR Global Film Festival (FCGD): Class A and no fees!

The Festival de Cine Global DR was created in 2006 to give the Dominican Republic greater visibility in the international film industry. In it, Dominican producers, directors and actors meet with filmmakers from other latitudes and build synergies to develop projects in the country; the event also promotes and encourages citizens to discuss social, political and economic issues through cinematography.

Organized by the Fundación Global Democracia y Desarrollo (FUNGLODE), the festival presents a selection of the best international, documentary and dramatic cinema, enriching the country's film culture and bringing the 7th art to all areas of Dominican society.

ACCREDITED BY FIAPF AS A "COMPETITON CLASS A" FESTIVAL: In 2017 the FCGD received accreditation from the International Federation of Film Producers Associations (FIAPF), as “COMPETITIVE FEATURE FILM FESTIVAL” specializing in Debut Movies. Accreditation that the festival meets all the standards and criteria defined by the community of film producers associations around the world, and recognizes the work that the Festival team has done to create a quality film event.

Call for entries will close next September, 1st.Don't miss your chance to submit your DEBUT FICTION OR DOCUMENTARY FEATURE FILM, YOUR FICTION SHORT FILM OR YOUR ANIMATION SHORT FILM to the most important film event in the Dominican Republic!



Last two weeks to submit your film to Zaragoza International Film Festival - FCZ

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公開済み: 25 Aug 2019


Zaragoza International Film Festival - FCZ will give out 5000 € in cash awards, and it is a Goya® Awards qualifying festival

Zaragoza International Film Festival - FCZ has been developing its appreciation for Spain's cinematic culture since 1995, while trying to bring together creators and audiences around the seventh art in the Aragon capital.

In this edition the festival will organise the 24th National Fiction Short Films Showcase, the 18th National Animation Short Film Showcase, the 6th International Microshorts Showcase, the 4th International Showcase of Short Films from Training Schools "Zaragoza International Film", the 2nd International Showcase Otras Miradas and, as a novel competition, the 1st International NewTek Showcase, which focuses on Web series. Among other non-official awards, the Noir Aragon award for the best International Noir Short Film can be singled out.

Qyalifying festival for the Goya® Awards from the Spanish Academy: The festival is one of Spain's Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Science's partners, so that the winning short film of the Jury's Augusto Award to the Best National Fiction Short Film is admitted in the final stage of the Goya awards selection process for fiction short films.

THE CALL FOR ENTRIES WILL END NEXT AUGUST, 29TH for all official competitions. Don't miss your chance to submit your film!



You have only 15 days to submit your short film to the Almería International Film Festival - FICAL!

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公開済み: 14 Aug 2019


International Film Festival of Almería - FICAL, Goya® Awards qualifying festival with over 19000 € in cash awards, will close for submissions next August 14th

The International Film Festival of Almería - FICAL reaches this year its 18th edition with the firm intention of taking a step forward and establishing itself worldwide as one of the hallmarks of the genre, while also promoting the Spanish province of Almería with the purpose of strengthening their historical ties with cinematic industry and culture.

The International Short Film Competition "Almería en corto", included in the Almería International Film Festival, is the competitive section for national and international films the duration of which does not exceed 30 minutes. In the last edition the festival screened 39 films from more than 2400 short films submitted from all five continents.

Qualifying festival for the Goya® Awards from the Spanish Academy: The winner of the Award for Best National Short Film will be pre-selected for the Goya Awards from the Spanish Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

It will have a selection of the best of the genre internationally, with competitive sessions and parallel activities where meetings for professionals, historians and film critics can be arranged, also favoring its bonds with other national and international film festivals

The "Almería en corto" International Short Film Competition will hand out in excess of 19000 Euro in cash awards. Submit your short film before August, 14th!



Last days to submit to Zinebi, class A festival, and Oscar, BAFTA and Goya qualifier

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公開済み: 15 Jul 2019


Don't miss out on submitting your short film to Zinebi International Festival of Documentary and Short Film of Bilbao!

Born in 1959 as the Iberian American and Filipino International Documentary Film festival of Bilbao, it was created as a younger brother of sorts to the San Sebastian Film Festval. Sixty years later, Zinebi International Festival of Documentary and Short Film of Bilbao has gained its own place as one the main international festivals of its kind, and is now a test field for new trends in contemporary filmmaking, as well as a truly useful platform for the most daring filmmakers, all within a frame of professional criticism, debate and specialisation.

Among the festival guests, international judges or awarded authors, great names can be found, such as Roman Polanski, Marco Bellocchio, Jean Rouch, Basilio M. Patino, Julio Medem or Carlos Saura.

OSCAR®, BAFTA AND GOYA AWARDS QUALIFYING FESTIVAL: The Zinebi Grand Prix winner will automatically qualify for consideration for the annual Academy Awards® organised by the Hollywood Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Science and for the BAFTA awards. The winner of the Spanish Films Grand Prix will be automatically considered for the Goya awards given by Spain's Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Science.

Since 1974, it is recognised by the International Federation of Film Producers Associations (FIAPF) as a top international competitive festival, and it is one of only five festivals in the world recognised as a Class A festival in the documentary and short film category.

Zinebi's call for entries will close next July, 15th, and submissions can only be made through Festhome!



Last days to submit to Sitges Festival!

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公開済み: 15 Jul 2019


Oscar and Méliès Awards qualifier SITGES - International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia, exclusively in Festhome

SITGES - International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia is the world's main fantastic film festival, a must-attend event for film lovers and for all those who want to know the new trends and technologies applied to film and the audiovisual world. That is why great actors, directors and producers of the level of Paul Verhoeven, William Friedkin, Susan Sarandon or Quentin Tarantino do not hesitate to visit this festival.

SITGES is one of the best showcases in the world to discover the most advanced and innovative fantastic productions. An exceptional encounter with horror stories, a careful selection of the latest animation pieces and a suggestive vision of new film noir.

Qualifier for the Academy Awards®, Méliès and Goya: Short film winners of the Official Fantàstic and Animát sections will be automatically considered for the Academy Awards® and the Mélliès d'Or awards.

Sitges is a competitive festival in accordance with the regulations established by the FIAPF (International Federation of Film Producers Associations).

Submisions close on JULY 15th and can ONLY be made through FESTHOME!!



Soria International Short Film Fest: 18000 € in cash prizes, and Goya awards qualifying festival

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公開済み: 30 Jun 2019


Submit your film before June, 30th to the 21st Soria International Short Film Fest

Organised by Soria's City Hall and Youth Council and by La Boca Espacio de Cultura, the Soria International Short Film Fest will give in its 21st edition in excess of 18000 € in cash prizes.

One of Soria International Short Film Festival's main goals is the promotion of short films as a cinematic expression, thus contributing to their recognition, acknowledgment and value as an essential means of sharing cinematic culture.

One more year, the city of Soria will be fully committed with the short film festival and will be home of many cultural activities such as exhibitions, lectures, film creation courses, workshops and screenings in schools and education centres.

Goya Awards®
Qualifying Festival: Since 2016 the festival is AIC (Agency for the Industry of Short Films) approved, a recognition that allows the winners to be automatically pre-selected for the Goya® Awards.

Don't miss your chance and submit your fiction, animation or documentary short film before the end of the current month of June!



New Orleans Film Festival, qualifying festival in three categories for the Academy Awards

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公開済み: 21 Jun 2019


June, 21st is the final deadline to submit your film to the 30th New Orleans Film Festival (NOFF)

Next week is the final deadline to submit your film to the New Orleans Film Festival, produced annually since 1989 by the New Orleans Film Society to take the newest independent films to the city of New Orleans with the film festival and also a permanent schedule of screenings all year round.

Looking for original, audacious and thought-provoking films, NOFF is particularly interested in films from filmmakers whose perspectives are less often represented in film production (last year, more than 50% of the films were helmed by women and gender non-conforming filmmakers, and over 45% were helmed by filmmakers of color).

Qualifying festival for the Oscar® Awards in all three Academy®-accredited categories for short films: The recipients of the festival's Documentary Short Jury Award, Narrative Short Jury Award, and Animated Short Jury Award will be automatically eligible for consideration in their respective categories of the Academy Awards®.

Lastly, the Festival offers each year Jury Awards to films in 7 different categories. The grand total value of the awards given in 2018 was in excess of $90.000 in camera equipment, production services and editing and post-production software.

Do not hesitate and submit your film before next June, 21st!



Guanajuato International Film Festival's (GIFF) call for entries will close on April, 1st

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公開済み: 01 Apr 2019


Send your film to Guanajuato International Film Festival (GIFF) before April, 1st

Since 1998, the Guanajuato International Film Festival has become one of the most important platforms for young Latin American filmmakers and one of the best programs in Mexico, with a variety of competitions that include fiction, experimental, documentary and animation short films, fiction and documentary feature films, and virtual reality as its latest addition.

GIFF's 22nd edition will take place in July, 2019, 19th through 28th, in the cities of San Miguel de Allende and Guanajuato, Mexico. It will offer a wide range of screenings, workshops, panels, live shows, an international market now in development for the pitching of Mexican projects and numerous networking opportunities by bringing together new talents and renowned experts in the film industry.

Oscar® and BAFTA Awards qualifying festival: Recipients of the festival's prizes in the categories of Short Fiction, Short Documentary and Short Animation will qualify for consideration in the Short Films category of the annual Academy Awards® organised by the Hollywood Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Science.

As a BAFTA recognized film festival, all films accepted to the Guanajuato International Film Festival qualify to be considered for the British Academy Short Film Awards.

Don't forget to submit your short or feature film, submissions will close next April, 1st, Monday!



IN THE PALACE, qualifying festival for the Academy Awards®, will close submissions soon!

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公開済み: 15 Mar 2019


IN THE PALACE International Short Film Festival's 16th edition will give out in excess of 10000 € in cash awards

IN THE PALACE started out as a competitive forum for student films, but it has now become the biggest and most prestigious short film festival in Bulgaria, and one of the best known throughout Eastern Europe, eventually been given the EFFE Festival label granted by the European Festivals Association.

IN THE PALACE International Short Film Festival focuses on fiction, documentary, animation and experimental short films, plus new media and digital arts, up to 27 minutes in running length. It is an exceptional platform for both young filmmakers and seasoned professionals.

The festival will take place in late June in Queen Marie Alexandra Victoria's former residence in the beautiful seaside town of Balchik, by the Black Sea. In the course of the festival there will be additional activities such as live music shows, panels, labs for children, nightly open air screenings near the beach, etc.

Academy Awards® qualifying festival in three categories: On top of the 10000 € the festival gives out in cash awards, IN THE PALACE is a qualifying festival for the Oscar Awards® from the Hollywood Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences in the Best International Animation, Best International Fiction and Best National short film categories, and also for the Student Awards®.

Don't miss your chance and submit your film to the 16th International Short Film Festival IN THE PALACE before March, 15th!



Huesca International Film Festival's deadline is February, 14th!

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公開済み: 14 Feb 2019


Huesca International Film Festival, 24700 € in prizes and qualifier for Goya® and Oscar®

The 47th edición of Huesca International Film Festival, meeting point for film professionals and film lovers, will take place in the city of Huesca (Spain) between the 7th and the 15th of June, 2019. It is one of the oldest film festivals in Spain and a true hallmark for short films internationally.

The festival, which gives out in excess of 24000 Euro in cash prizes, has 3 sections: Iberian American (Spain, Latin America and Portugal), International and Documentary. It also offers other categories and activities, such as the Screenings of New Iberian American filmmakers, the Luis Buñuel Award, the City of Huesca Award or the Pepe Escriche Award.

Qualifying festival for the Goya® and the Oscar® Awards: The Hollywood Academy supports Huesca International Film Festival by recognizing it as shortlisting for the Oscar® Awards within Best Short Fiction Film category, also the Spanish Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences recognizes it for the Goya® Awards.

If you have a 30-minute long fiction, animation or experimental short film, or a 40-minute long documentary short film produced in 2018 or 2019, do not wait any longer and submit it to the Huesca International Film Festival before February, 14th!