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Teheran, Iran

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20 Sep 2024

Published: 22 Jun 2024
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5 Film & Photo Awards Festival

The 5 Film & Photo Award is an International Event for Film and Photography with the Intention to create a bridge between different countries and cultures. The Festival is inspired by a 500 years old tree in the suburb of Damavand, located in the village of Aro.

This tree has been the subject of photographs of International Director and photographer Abbas Kiarostami every year in different seasons for many years. His photographs have been exhibited under the title “Snow White” in world-renowned galleries such as the Centre Pompidou in Paris and the Museum of Contemporary Art in New York.

About 5 years ago, Mahdi Khorashadizadeh, a documentary photographer and Filmmaker and the Founder of 5 Film & Photo Awards photographed this tree again and created the festival to celebrate this cultural and iconic symbol, which symboliyes Abbas Kiarostami’s artistic legacy.

The number “5” is derived from the movie “5” made by Abbas Kiarostami, which has been published in 2002 and contains 5 scenes with the average duration of 16 minutes.

Festival 5 is a prestigious and large festival for film and photography. This festival supports artists from all over the world by awarding exquisite prizes. We have been holding this festival for five years. Our goal is to find independent and modern artists. We support independent artists. Artists who have worked hard to produce their works.

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Photo of 5Film And Photo Awards Festival
Photo of 5Film And Photo Awards Festival
Photo of 5Film And Photo Awards Festival
Photo of 5Film And Photo Awards Festival

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