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31 Mar 2021

Published: 26 Aug 2020
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Insular & Other Seas Film Festival, ( IOSAFF)

IOSAFF, not only competitions and film screenings but also an artists' tour during which we explore creative activities in various artistic specialties, by liberating music and dance, visual arts, gastronomy & cinema.

For you: Four days for a traveling festival (artist tour)
In natural places made for creation and creativity, an California beachs

Four days of a festival filled with innovative and diversified content: feature films, documentaries, short films, and experimental , music shows, screenplay contests and productions.

# IOSAFF will offer actor, film and Doc Pitch workshops.
We will offer master classes and great networking opportunities in the insular world.

Our prices for the selected artists and filmmakers, four days free « artist tour » + Siren trophy

The artists' tour will be in SANTA MONICA, Longue beach & Catalina Island

If You are a screenwriter, director, actor or actress, musician or music group, painter or sculptor or any other creative expression, we welcome you to the tours of creative artists...

( IOAFF)is a coherent whole of multidimensional creativity projects linked on the theme, islands of the world arts, coastal cultures & ocean adventures

After the creative adventure " Siren in the Mediterranean sea " 2018 / 2019, the event heading to the Pacific coast, Califorina beachs, SANTA MONICA, Longue beach & Catalina Island October 2-4, 2020 for an artistic and cultural meeting across the oceans.

All submission must be, Coastal cultures, islands, ocean adventures & People and The Sea themed, Documentaries feature & short of any length and any style are eligible. This includes movies on ocean adventures, surfing, diving, sailing, fishing, traveling, cliff diving, sailing, kite surfing, rowing, swimming, marine ecosystems, marine flora and fauna.

The islands of the world, through the oceans and the continents of the planet, conceal important cultural and patrimonial wealth, as much by their variety, their specificity as by their authenticity. The islanders, being cut off from the continent, they are forced to live in osmosis with their environment, to vibrate to the rhythm of the elements of their natural setting and to dominate the rigors of their daily life by giving free rein to their creative imagination and their innovative spirit. In this perspective, music and singing and filming are the best support for the expression of their dreams, their emotions and their collective memory.

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Photo of Insular & Other Seas Film Festival
Photo of Insular & Other Seas Film Festival
Photo of Insular & Other Seas Film Festival
Photo of Insular & Other Seas Film Festival

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