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November 20

Mujeres En Escena Film Festival



The Festival de Málaga. in collaboration with the Area of ​​Equal Opportunities of the Malaga City Council, pursues the objective of supporting the presence of women in film production, creating spaces that make visible the work of women in the audiovisual field, the professional field where they are underrepresented, both in the direction, in the production or in the realization of scripts; with the purpose of favoring the incorporation of the look of women to the film industry.
To meet this objective, this year the Equal Opportunities Area celebrates its "XVIII WOMEN ON SCENE FILM SHOW", from October 15 to November 15, 2020.
This year, due to sanitary conditions, the ME Cinema Show will be held completely online and free of charge. helping the film industry not stop and we continue to have access to culture, this time, from our homes.
The programming structure has been divided into several sections: documentaries, fiction, animation and finally a section of documentaries and fiction made by people from Malaga or residents of Malaga.
In this virtual edition we will also have three meetings: the first with the documentary maker Mabel Lozano, who will talk to us about Cinema as a tool for social transformation; the second with the film director Nata Moreno, who will talk about Cinema as a way of shaping life, and a third meeting with the historian Víctor Heredia: Women of cinema. Actresses and filming in Malaga.


Festival programme




#1 ENCUENTRO CON NATA MORENO. Directora de cine.

’Cinema as a way of capturing life’

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22 October
18:00 GMT+02:00
22 October
20:00 GMT+02:00


#2 MEETING WITH MABEL LOZANO. Social film director.

’Cinema as a tool for social transformation.’

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15 October
18:00 GMT+02:00
15 November
20:00 GMT+02:00