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CinemaAttic specialises in pop-up film screenings, underground events and retrospectives on Spanish and Ibero-American cinema.

After the success of the pilot programme last year, we are once again proud to present NEW SPANISH DIRECTORS, the place to discover the Spanish Filmmakers of tomorrow!

Following our famously fierce defense and passion for short film, we select the early shorts of key Spanish filmmakers whose work has already attracted international interest and who are about to release their first feature film. In doing so, we gather the aesthetic and directorial reasons to make us (and you too!) believe that anything coming from these filmmakers in the future is bound to be something exciting.

This September, our Directors in Focus will be Elena López Riera, Álvaro Gago and Javier Marco.


Festival programme



Here comes a powerful rebellious programme of Brazilian cinema. Five beautiful, colourful short films to understand why Brazil has established itself as a powerhouse when it comes to world cinema. Formally audacious, with a radical spirit of transgression and a hyper-present sense of physicality, Brazil produces one of the richest, more colourful and heterogeneous cinemas in the world. Dissident bodies and Resistance are at the core of this programme of films. Much has been written about Brazilian LGBTQ community’s contribution to contemporary cinema, and this programme is no exception, as we will celebrate diversity and plurality beyond binary choices. You’ll sing and you’ll dance with these films. A very physical programme where bodies are the protagonist, stomping, hitting, dancing bodies. The programme will also touch on ideas around identity, home, community, memory and despair, as well as direct clash, resistance and satire to the Bolsonaro government with nostalgia, angst and rage against the Brazili

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