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Canal personal de Víctor M. Muñoz.

Víctor M. Muñoz, born in Madrid, Spain, in 1970, October, 26th


- Cruces [Crossings] (screenplay, cinematography, actor)- 2008 (Moisés Tuñón, director): short film fiction, 6 minutes, Mini-DV.

- Ultima llamada [Last Call] (screenplay, 1st assistant director, editor)- 2010 (Joaquín Pinochet, director): short film fiction, 8 minutes, 16mm.

- Rabia [Anger] (co-screenplayer)- 2010 (Gonzalo del Barrio, director): short film fiction, 4 minutes, DV- PAL.

- Pan y circo [Bread and Circus] (co-director, co-screenplayer, co-editor, co-sound editor)- 2010 (Joaquín Pinochet, co-director): short film fiction, 5 minutes, mini-DV.

- Todos los ángeles terribles [All the Terrible Angels] (co-screenplayer, editor, sound editor)- 2012 (Gonzalo del Barrio, director): short film fiction, 15 minutes, HD.

- Reencuentro [Reunion] (director, screenplay, editor, producer)- 2013: short film fiction, 5 minutes, HD.

- Diálogos de mi abuelo [My Grandfather's Dialogues] (editor)- 2014 (Dorleta Murguialday, director): short film documentary, 9 minutes, HD.

- Flores desde Albania [Flowers From Albania] (director, screenplay, editor, producer, cinematography)- 2015: short film documentary, 12 minutes, HD.

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